Behind the Lens

The PhotographerThe person behind the lens is a parent of two very active kids. They play mainly  soccer, squash, and Football and I hear Badminton is coming next year.  Probably like a lot of you reading this I spend a lot of my time watching my kids  play their sports.  I started taking pictures of them playing  many years ago but never got serious about it until 2007. 

That year I upgraded my camera to a Canon S3 IS point and shoot digital and it got me all excited about photography again.  Four months later I upgraded to my first Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR), the Canon 30D  along with 3 high quality fast  lenses. With the advent of DSLR  it has made it more efficient to take many photos without the cost associated with Film.  Over a 6 month time period I have dedicated all my free time and spent countless hours learning  about photography and improving my technique.  I now have 2 bodies and 5 lenses plus all the other goodies need to capture those moments in any conditions.  While sports continue to be part of my adventure I have added Event and Studio/Glamour work to my resume.  For samples of my Glamour work you visit  My Photography is a hobby, an obsession, a passion.

I have been asked if I’m a Pro.  My equipment is professional grade but that does not make me a Pro.  I could say that I’m a Pro but that would not make me Pro.  I have been told that my photos look professional in content and quality, that they capture some exciting moments that could be cover shots for some of your favorite magazines, I have been published several times.  My answer to the question is I will let you determine that by what you see in my photos and how you are treated in my sessions.

Thanks for stopping by.

Chris Linton


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