On the main page you will find the games that I cover on a weekly basis which is based on my kids playing schedule.

Full StrideSoccer, I photograph the Mississauga Panthers B Boys U12 Rep  and Clarkson Comets BU16 Premiere  in the South Region Soccer League of Ontario as that's who my kids play for.  If they attend any tournaments I will shoot the games as long as I’m there.

About to be hitFootball, I cover games for the Mississauga Warriors in the Ontario Minor Football League (OMFL), predominantly the Atom Division. However I try to cover most of the games at the same field

The Hand offThis Fall I will cover Football for Streetsville Meadowvale Football Club (SMFC) Mississauga Football League premdominantly the Atom Division again.


Disclaimer.  I am not affiliated with any of the above clubs or leagues other than that's who my kids play for.